Chiropractic Care vs. Physiotherapist

Chiropractic and physiotherapy have a lot of similarities and may sometime be confused for the same thing. However, with these similarities also comes some differences. Read on to understand the two types of treatments and how they work.

What is Chiropractic Care?

A Chiropractic adjustment is a treatment done by a specialized medical professional that involves the use of hands and sometimes specialized medical equipment to relieve pain in the joints and muscles.

During this practice, the doctor applies short and sudden force and pressure on the affected areas and may stretch the joints and muscles beyond their usual range of motion. There may be cracks and popping sounds as the doctor moves these parts into place.

The procedure may require the patient to lie on their back, face up, on the side, or in other unusual positions, depending on where the doctor is working on. Because of this, your clothing should be a little loose and comfortable.

Physiotherapy Explained

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, focuses on improving your joint and muscle movement abilities without pain, to improve your overall health and your quality of life.

A physical therapist (the professional who leads the physiotherapy) guides you on stretches and specialized exercises, and how to stay active and healthy. This treatment may include;

  • Evaluation of your movement and flexibility
  • Evaluation of your pain and injuries
  • Performing wound care
  • Stretching and exercising to help you move better
  • Guidance on posture and how to move without pain or causing injuries
  • A wellness plan to boost your overall health

Similarities between Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

The goals may seem the same in both Physiotherapy and Chiropractic even though these medical practitioners may use different approaches to achieving these goals. Some of the shared goals include;

  • Managing pain, injuries, and discomfort through physical examination and treatments without surgeries.
  • Using hands during the sessions
  • They may treat the same conditions
  • Focusing on giving a long-term wellness plan for their patients even after the sessions
  • In both, your medical records are important and are evaluated to determine the best technique for your issues
  • They are both licensed professionals with years of medical practice and experience in their respective fields

Differences between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Some key differences between Chiropractic adjustment and physiotherapy are;

The goals; in physical therapy, one of the primary goals is pain-free movements, while in Chiropractic, the key primary goal is to relieve pain and align the spine

The focus; focus in physical therapy is body movement and functionality as a whole, while in Chiropractic the focus is on joint-related issues, back pains, neck pain, headaches, and relieving pain in other parts of the body like the arms, legs, etc.

Environment and equipment; physical therapists can work in any healthcare space and even your home if need be. Chiropractors, on the other hand, need specialized places and sometimes specialized medical equipment Physical therapists guide you on exercises and stretches to improve your mobility while Chiropractic professionals perform manipulations, exercises, and stretch to help heal and relieve pain and injuries.