Four Treatment Methods Used By Chiropractors

The world of chiropractors only makes sense when people suffer from chronic pain they cannot understand from injuries or fatigue. The niche of medicine has greatly evolved since its introduction with the market full of certified experts for you to choose from. Besides qualifications and quality of the clinic, people choose chiropractors based on their treatment plans and special therapy methods used on patients. You will not know what to expect after scheduling an appointment with a neuromuscular specialist for the first time. Discussed here are other common therapy approaches besides infrared radiation and hydrotherapy that chiropractors use to solve the pain in patients.

Electrical muscle stimulation and TENS

The first technique most advanced chiropractic facilities use for treatment is Electrical Muscle Stimulation. The mechanism of the procedure relies on electrodes placed on certain parts of the skin to transmit electric pulses in injured areas. Ultimately the goal is to mitigate inflammation around the injured areas and block muscle spasms from occurring. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) are also a form of electric stimulation that gives the patient controlling powers. The electrodes are placed on the injured areas and the patient controls the intensity of the stimulations. Chiropractors use this method to block pain transmission signals around the nerve area through decompression.


You will be surprised that most treatment plans used by chiropractors rely on special types and intensities of massage. Massage is mostly used to relieve pain around affected areas, assist with realigning body parts, and improve circulation of the blood through the body. Improved circulation in most circumstances improves the recuperation of the affected areas, for instance lower back. Vet the quality and hygiene of the massage procedures and resources of a clinic before you sign up for their chiropractic services. 


The third common therapy used for neuromuscular treatments is the ultrasound method. By using sound waves, the method creates sonograms that help with treating tissues and muscles underlying deep below the skin. When used by expert chiropractors, it can be used for warming the soft tissues of your body and joints. Deep heat therapy makes it ideal for improving blood circulation in the tissues. It is a commonly preferred therapy for conditions like spasms, stiffness, and dealing with back pains. The goal of ultrasound in chiropractic services is to promote faster healing and pain reduction by heating tissues in the affected areas.


Traction is a unique massage that uses special devices to compress and decompress the different body parts. The patient lies down on their backs on a roller system which through stretching massages the back helping worth spinal decompression. Advanced traction procedures use special devices for the massage to properly decompress spinal discs during treatment. It is a comfortable procedure that does not consume a lot of time while maintaining remaining effective. Such services are however found at well-developed chiropractic clinics. This is why you must choose your next chiropractic clinic carefully to get exposure to better and developed treatment methods.